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Thursday, January 15, 2009

professional boss all bosses in Misty Marsh

If you want to be a professional boss hunter, you should know the boss location first. The map recorded all bosses in Misty Marsh, I have used it for a long time! The number means the level of the mobs.

As I think, Misty Marsh is a good place for boss hunting. Why?

1. Bosses refreshed rapidly.
2. Bosses lost blood rapidly, we can kill the boss easily!
3. The drop is very cool, we can always get many stones! XD

When we decide to do boss hunting in Misty Marsh, we should do some preparation and know some tips.

1. We all know the mobs in Misty Marsh have low level from 16 to 33 and if the eudemon's level is higher than the boss, we won't get any drops. So don't use the character who has God-Blessing, if so the eudemons will level up quickly. We'd better take the small eudemons lower than level 15.
2। Pay a lot attention to the boss, it will lose blood quickly. So don't make any mistake to kill the bosses too fast, otherwise you can only cry......

Now, let's talk about the bosses. In fact, the bosses in Misty Marsh are the most, including level 16,18,21, 22,23,26,27,28 (Banshee and Satyr),29,30,31,32,33. Among them, you may get Red stones from level 33 Ogre, 28 Banshee, 20 Satyr and 18 Green Devil. Many people are waiting for Ogre and Satyr, because these bosses are refreshing closely. So we'd better to hunt for other bosses to avoid too many contestants. So how did the bosses refresh?

1. After 33 refreshed, 28 Banshee and 21 or 23 Eyeball would also refresh.(If luckily, 21 and 23 Eyeball will refresh at the same time)
2. After 17 or 18 Green Devil refreshed, 16 would also refresh.
3. After 33 refreshed, 31 would refresh at once and Satyr may refresh too.
4. After Satyr boss refreshed, 22 would refresh.(It will always refresh two even three bosses at the same time)
5. After 22, you should hunt for Eyeballs right away.
6.After Eyeballs, you'd better walk around Green Devil's boss location.(26 or 27 Banshee will refresh too, so you need luck if you can get both of these bosses)
7. In a word, 31 or 32 Ogre will refresh with 28 or 29 Satyr and 26 or 27 Banshee.

Last, if you have Star-eyes to locate two boss locations, it must be very helpful for you to get more bosses and drops. And please keep your patience if you want to do boss hunting for a long time. I believe the bosses will belong to you if you have enough patience. Good luck to all you guys!


1 comment:

Naz said...

Why when I kill boss sometimes theres no drop at all????Does it have anything to do with the Jin that I use or anything else????

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